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Up & Out Boat Lifts

Spend more time on the water and less time maintaining your boat or PWC with an Up & Out™ Boat Lift!

Up & Out™ Boat Lifts by J.B. Machine and Marine include everything you need to store your boat UP and OUT of the water. We use only the highest quality components to ensure long life and low maintenance. That's why every Up & Out™ Boat Lift is proudly sold with our 2-Year Parts and Labor and 10-Year Structural Warranty. Insist on Quality… we do!

Up & Out™ Boat Lifts are sold professionally installed by J.B. Marine, or you can purchase a kit to do it yourself. See our Up & Out Boat Lifts page for additional sizes from 3,000–40,000 lbs.



Monster Diesel™ effectively offers users a premium grade of diesel in a concentrate so powerful, it is portable. Monster Diesel™, when added to regular diesel, essentially creates a premium grade fuel.  With the power to cut diesel consumption by 15%, the savings are remarkable. With lower maintenance and down time, and a marked reduction in engine wear, you will save money in the long haul. And, since Monster Diesel™ is a comprehensive solution to all your diesel engine’s problems, it’s the only additive you’ll ever have to purchase again.

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