Improves Performance!

Formulated for use with any diesel engine, Monster Diesel™ offers a comprehensive, cost effective solution to address each of the challenges common to these engines, all in one product.  While there are a variety of diesel additives to address one or a few of these challenges, none is as powerful and complete as Monster Diesel™.    Monster Diesel™ is the only additive you will ever need to address all your diesel engine’s problems!

  • Increases Power by 10%
  • Increases MPG up to 15%
  • Resores lubricity lost in ULSD
  • ANIT-GEL lowers the CFPP to -20ºC
  • Reduces engine wear by 40%
  • Boosts the cetane number by six numbers, which is a 12% increase
  • Reduces emissions by 23%
  • Reduces raw hydro carbons by 10.2%, making your diesel "greener"
  • Decreases soot by 38%
  • Provides corrosion control in the fuel system, improving storage stability
  • Keeps injectors, lines, and tanks clean
  • Cost effective solution to address each of the challenges common to diesel powered engines
  • One quart of Monster DieselTM contains the energy equivalent of 25 gallons of diesel fuel
  • Made from U.S. sourced materials

Whether for your truck, boat, heavy or farm equipment, you will see a savings in fuel and maintenance costs and improved performance over the extended life of your engine!

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